About Homestay

Come And Experience The Traditional Hospitality
While You Live In Rural Sabah Abodes.


Sabah Malaysian Borneo is situated on the northern part of the World’s third largest island, Borneo. It is home to around more than two million people who mainly belong to over 30 different ethnic groups and speaking 80 different dialect. Kota Kinabalu City being the capital is the gateway to Sabah. An interesting and unique way to really get to know the place you are visiting is by participating in a homestay programme. Stay among local families and experience their actual lifestyle first-hand-how they prepare and eat their meals, go about their work, their leisure activities and much more. Even a family’s daily routine can become a fascinating experience.

Each district has its own attraction, like the wildlife, a clear gushing waterfalls, interesting jungle produce, a native festival or historical sites and every person there has a story to share.

The Sabah Homestay Programme is a relatively new tourism product, but has already shown enormous potential, as it covers almost every district of the State of Sabah.

From the Tip Of Borneo to the west coast and the interior, around the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu to the East coast and along the banks of the Kinabatangan River, one can experience any of the different lifestyles of the local families living there. Participating Homestay houses are certified by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and monitored by Sabah Homestay Association in their management, development and promotions.

Each district has a Co-ordinator who works with the authorities concerned.

Each Homestay programme has its own unique products. This brochure (map) is a guide to the main activities that can be found in the Homestays programme around Sabah where a special Carnival is held.

We hope that this brochure (Map) can help to promote our unique Sabah Homestay programme.

Did You Know

World’s Highest Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata located on Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. At 3,776 meters, it has been verified by Guinness World Records as the highest via ferrata in the world. The route difficulty grading is French AD or Italian 3C.