Misompuru Homestay

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3Days 2 Nights

RM380.00-RM450.00 per person (Min. 6 pax)

Visit honey bee farm, Jungle and mangrove Trekking, Beach & Sunset, Picnic Snorkeling, Visit to Historical Oil Well & cave, Mangrove river cruise, River & sea fishing, Farming, Fruit Orchards, Handicraft/Bead/Traditional Cloth/Parang & Gong making, Native story telling, Cultural Performance


Misompuru Homestay is 2 ½ hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. It is located in the District of Kudat (Sabah’s First Capital), the north of Borneo and is extremely rich in culture, nature, historical and tradition. Here you can find the Rungus tribe living in authentic and traditional longhouse, gong making, beads making, candle making, honey bee farm, agriculture farm, fruits orchards, historical Natural Oil Well, primary mangrove forest and river, jungle and rapid river, historical cave and some of the best secluded beaches in Malaysia as well as the Tip of Borneo, a rugged outcrop of rocks that marks the northernmost part of the huge island of Borneo.

Misompuru is derived from four words put together to mean a unity of the Rungus people which was launched on 2 August 2003. There are 15 villages under this homestay programme with 42 participating families. The houses are a mix of modern and traditional with indoor toilets as well as outhouses. The villages are warm and friendly, eager to share their lifestyle and stories. They are also extremely generous with their fresh coconuts and honey drink to serve you every opportunity they get.



  • The Historical OIL WELL.
  • Activity at the beach, Sea & Cave Plus Sun Set.
  • Mangrove & Jungle Trekking.
  • Mangrove River & Sea Cruise.
  • Mangrove Bivalve & Crabs Search.
  • Mangrove River & Sea Fishing / Fishing Net.
  • Coral Trekking & Tide Pool.
  • Sea Swimming & Snorkeling.
  • Activity at hanging Bridge.
  • Camping & Picnic (Beach & Jungle)
  • Water Fall & Rapid River Activity.
  • Visit to The Tip Of Borneo.
  • “Rungus” Cultural Dances (Mongigol Sumundai & Manaradan dances)
  • Traditional Music Demonstration.
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony.
  • Traditional Cooking.
  • Herbal Medicine & Treatment.
  • Traditional & Authentic “Rungus” Long House.
  • Farming Activity (Paddy, Corn, Coconut &, Vegetables)
  • Honey Bee Visit & Demonstration.
  • Handicraft, Bead, Basket & Traditional Cloths Making.
  • “Gong” & “Parang” Making.
  • Traditional Music Instruments Making.
  • Candle Making (Product From Bees).
  • Student, Government & NGO’s Camping, Practical, Research,Language Learning & documentary making.
  • Education & Community Programmed.
  • Beach, Sea & Traditional Sport.
  • Bicycle Ride & Buffalo Ride.
  • Bird Watching Carnival & Anniversary


The 'Ocean' Rhythm Festival

07 Sep 2012 - 09 Sep 2012

Your Coordinator

Cobra @ Jeffry Yahya 013 8721765 cobramisompuru@live.com www.misompuruhomestay.com

Did You Know

The most expensive orchid in the world

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid considered to be the “aristocrat of slipper orchids”; it grows wild in Mount Kinabalu and has won many awards and perhaps the most expensive orchid in the world. It takes 15 years to bloom from seedling earning the title “Gold of Kinabalu”