Walai Tokou Homestay

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3 days 2 nights

RM250.00 per person (min 16 pax)

Plant highland vegetables, Hill challenge & jungle trekking, Folklore Story, Hot Spring Sulphur Bath & canopy walk, traditional cultural night.


Walai Tokou Homestay is located in Kundasang, Ranau which is about 98 kilometer from Kota Kinabalu city and about 13 kilometer from Ranau Town. It is the closest homestay to the mount Kinabalu which is located at Kinabalu Park and has a panoramic view of the mountain. It is populated mainly by the famous native Dusun for cultivating temperate vegetables.

“Walai Tokou” is a Dusun Language meaning “Rumah Kita” or “Our Home”. Be warmly welcomed by tradition dances and a “Paku Dita” drink as yo arrive. Visitors might also want to check out a hot bath at the Poring hotsprings.


  • Visit to Highland Vegetable & Strawberry Farm.
  • Visit Highland Rose Garden & Dairy Farm.
  • River & Fresh Waterfish Fishing
  • Camping and Picnic (Jungle and River)
  • Jungle Tracking / Jungle Trail / Nature Walk
  • Visit to Hot Spring, Canopy Walk, Water Fall and Cave
  • Visit to Butterfly Garden
  • Visit to Sabah Tea Organic Farm
  • Visit to Luanti Tagal and Fish Massage
  • Visit to Historical area (War Memorial Park and Nunuk Ragang Monument)
  • Visit to Kinabalu Park (Timpohon Gate to Climb Mount Kinabalu).
  • Traditional Musical Performance / Dance (Sumayau)
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony (Dusun)
  • Traditional Vegetables Search & Vegetable Fiesta
  • Farming & plus activities (Hill paddy & Vegetables)
  • Handycraft Making (Bamboo Traditional Music)
  • Traditional Cloths Making & Basket Making (Ginalo-Galo)
  • Homestay Training and Workshop
  • Community Training and Motivation
  • Student Camping and Educational Programmed
  • Student Research & Practical on Nature,Culture, Tourism Product and etc
  • Local Languages Learning and Exchange (Dusun)
  • Documentary Making and Video Local Self Defence
  • Learning (Silat Kacawan) Modern & Traditional Sport & Games
  • Activities Hill & Mountain Kinabalu Climbing
  • Mesilau Homestay Packages.

Places of interest

  • Kundasang War Memorial


Mountain Homestay Music Festival

14 Sep 2012 - 16 Sep 2012

Your Coordinator

Kohadie Watiman 088-888166 / 019-8602270 / 019-8011790 088-888166 (fax) koch_homestay@yahoo.com www.walaitokou.homestay.com

Did You Know

The biggest pitcher plant in the World

Nepenthes rajah can be found in Mount Kinabalu, Sabah is the biggest pitcher plant in the world can be filled with 2 liters of water which is about 8 cups of coffee.