Walai Tokou Homestay/Walai Tokou Kampungstay

Best deal from us:

3 days 2 nights

RM280.00 per person (min 8 paxs)

Plant highland vegetables, Hill challenge & jungle trekking, Folklore Story, Hot Spring Sulphur Bath & canopy walk, traditional cultural night and Traditional cooking.


1 Day Package

1200 Hrs

  • Tourist Arrived
  • Brief welcoming ceremony
  • Met foster family (souvenir give/exchange)
  • Lunch with family (individual homestay)

 1500 Hrs

  • Mountain Dusunic mock wedding ceremony. Participants wear mountain Dusunic Taditional coustme. Provided by foster family.
  • Two tourist will be chosen randomly to act as bride and groom.
  • There will be a procession with “gong beat” follow by local Dance called SUMAZAU.
  • Drinking Traditional herb, PAKUDITA (yang naik boleh di turunkan, yang turun boleh dinaikkan).TONGKAT ALI GUNUNG KINABALU
  • Village product/village tour.


10 PAX = RM 180/PAX

20PAX = RM 140/PAX

30 PAX = RM 120/PAX



Walai Tokou Homestay is located in Kundasang, Ranau which is about 98 kilometer from Kota Kinabalu city and about 13 kilometer from Ranau Town. It is the closest homestay to the mount Kinabalu which is located at Kinabalu Park and has a panoramic view of the mountain. It is populated mainly by the famous native Dusun for cultivating temperate vegetables.

“Walai Tokou” is a Dusun Language meaning “Rumah Kita” or “Our Home”. Be warmly welcomed by tradition dances and a “Paku Dita” drink as yo arrive. Visitors might also want to check out a hot bath at the Poring hotsprings.

                                                         MOUNT KINABALU FRONT


Home Facilities

  • Kitchen (complete)
  • Television
  • Wifi
  • Toilet
  • Parking
  • Fan

Local/Nearby Facilities

  • Police station
  • Bank
  • Grocery store
  • Clinic
  • Hall
  • Vegetables stall
  • Oil station
  • mosque


  • Visit to Highland Vegetable & Strawberry Farm.
  • Visit Highland Rose Garden & Dairy Farm.
  • River & Fresh Waterfish Fishing
  • Camping and Picnic (Jungle and River)
  • Jungle Tracking / Jungle Trail / Nature Walk
  • Visit to Hot Spring, Canopy Walk, Water Fall and Cave
  • Visit to Butterfly Garden
  • Visit to Sabah Tea Organic Farm
  • Visit to Luanti Tagal and Fish Massage
  • Visit to Historical area (War Memorial Park and Nunuk Ragang Monument)
  • Visit to Kinabalu Park (Timpohon Gate to Climb Mount Kinabalu).
  • Traditional Musical Performance / Dance (Sumayau)
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony (Dusun)
  • Traditional Vegetables Search & Vegetable Fiesta
  • Farming & plus activities (Hill paddy & Vegetables)
  • Handycraft Making (Bamboo Traditional Music)
  • Traditional Cloths Making & Basket Making (Ginalo-Galo)
  • Homestay Training and Workshop
  • Community Training and Motivation
  • Student Camping and Educational Programmed
  • Student Research & Practical on Nature,Culture, Tourism Product and etc
  • Local Languages Learning and Exchange (Dusun)
  • Documentary Making and Video Local Self Defence
  • Learning (Silat ) & Traditional Sport & Games
  • Activities Hill & Mountain Kinabalu Climbing Tinirindok hill, pyramid hill, crystal hill

Places of interest

  • Kundasang War Memorial park
  • Kinabalu National park ( World Heritage)
  • Desa Dairy Farm
  • Poring Hot spring
  • Luanti Fish Spa
  • Arnab Village
  • Timpohon Gate MT. Kinabalu
  • Tangga Gonipis Kg Tudan
  • Sabah Tea
  • kundasang Flower Stall
  • Kundasang Strawberry Farm



29 Dec 2017 - 31 Dec 2017



Your Coordinator

Kohadie Watiman KOHADIE KOCH 019-8602270 / 019-8011790 (Enquiry willentius 011 516 51358) walaitokoukgstay06@gmail.com www.walaitokou.homestay.com

Did You Know

Batu Tulug, Sandakan

Batu Tulug is a steep limestone cliff that stands 39 meters high and is part of the 20-25 million years old Labang limestone formation. Also, inside the middle and upper caves are more than a hundred carved wooden coffins dating back 200-250 years.

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