Just about half an hour’s drive south of Kota Kinabalu lies Papar, a place deemed the ‘Rice Bowl of Sabah’. This fast developing town is an agricultural district teeming with local fruits like papaya, guava, rambutan, and langsat. Dropping by Papar during a fruit season will be every visitor’s dream come true!

Selected Homestay in Papar

  • Koposizon Homestay

    Koposizon Homestay located in Papar District about 40 kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu City. The word “KOPOSIZAN” means “LIVELIHOOD”, a name which captures the essence of this homestay programme which shares its daily activities and living with their guests. Koposizon covers 11 villages namely Kg. Gana, Kg. Kopimpinan, Kg. Kinuta, Kg. Limbahau, Kg. Biau, Kg. Limputung, ...

Did You Know

World’s smallest raptor

An endemic bird species in Sabah Borneo named Bornean Falconet. At 15cm also known as the world’s smallest raptor. It is as small as our palm