Koposizon Homestay

Best deal from us:

Day Tour

RM200 per pax min. 10 pax

Sago Pancake , Ambuyat , Hininggazang , Suspension Bridege , Sumazau,  Bamboo Dance, Traditional Lunch, Village walk, souvenirs

2 Days 1 Night

RM300 per pax min. 10 pax

Atap making , Fried Sago Grub, Sago Pancake, Plant A Tree,  Traditional Lunch / Dinner , Sumazau , Bamboo Dance, Souvenirs

3 Days 2 Nights

RM400 per pax min. 10 pax

Sago Grating, Grating Coconut, Rubber Tapping, Padi Field , Fruit Orchard, Sumazau , Bamboo Dance, Suspension Bridge, Sago Grub,  Souvenirs


Koposizon Homestay located in Papar District about 40 kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu City.

The word “KOPOSIZON” means “LIVELIHOOD”, a name which captures the essence of this homestay programme which shares its daily activities and living with their guests.

Koposizon covers 11 villages namely Kg. Gana, Kg. Kopimpinan, Kg. Kinuta, Kg. Limbahau, Kg. Biau, Kg. Limputung, Kg. Titimbougon, Kg. Timbangan, Kg. Labak, Kg. Lakut and Kg. Papaga. Being quite close to large towns, the houses are more of the urban type with electricity and pipe water.

Koposizon Homestay is surrounded by orchard or paddy farm. Local fruits like papaya, rambutan, guava, and langsat are grown in abundance and to arrive during fruit season is every visitor’s dream.


Home Facilities

  • Aircond
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • public transport services

Local/Nearby Facilities

  • Football field
  • Community Hall
  • Information Centre
  • Government Clinic
  • Government Hospital
  • Police Station Papar


  • Visit Local Elementary School
  • Camping (River Side)
  • Making Atap
  • Rubber Tapping
  • Paddy Plantation
  • Traditional Food Cooking Demo
  • Feeding Fish / Chicken
  • Learn Local Language
  • Sumazau Lesson
  • Grating Coconut
  • Sago Flour Processing Demo
  • Buffalo Ride
  • Top Spinning
  • Rampanau
  • Suspension Bridge
  • River Exploration
  • River Fishing
  • River Cruise
  • Sunset Viewing at the Beach
  • Visit Coffee / Oil Palm / Sago Palm Plantation
  • Visit Fruit Orchard
  • Collecting VUTOD
  • Visit Local Market/Town
  • Traditional Dance (Sazau Papar) & Gong Beating
  • Community Program
  • Food Carnival
  • Kaamatan (Harvest Festival)

Places of interest

  • Melingsung Beach
  • Pantai manis Beach
  • Chinese Temple
  • Low Kawi Wild Life park
  • Papar River
  • Papar Railway Station .



01 Jun 2013 - 02 Jun 2013


Sharing the traditional food , Culture, life style and hospitality of the Kadazan Papar.

Your Coordinator

William Lee +6088-917388 / 019-8622901 +6088-917 388 (fax) koposizon_homestay@hotmail.com www.papaga-homestay.com

Did You Know

World’s Tallest Tropical Tree

The tallest documented tropical angiosperm is a 88.32 m tall Shorea faguetiana in the Tawau Hills National Park, in Sabah. It is almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty (93m)