One of the great lures to Sabah is the fascinating Lower Kinabatangan region where five distinct habitats can be found—waterlogged and dry forests saline and freshwater swamps and limestone forests—which support some of the most diverse concentrations of wildlife in Borneo. Another amazing feature is the oxbow lakes, crescent-shaped lakes created by the river’s changing course. Many of the villages here are found along the riverbanks, which mean more boat rides for visitors.

Selected Homestay in Sandakan

  • Baloi Kito Mayu Homestay

    Baloi Kito Mayu Homestay is located in Kinabatangan with all homes mostly overlooking the Kinabatangan river. This is a Muslim community whose lifestyle reflects simplicity and modesty. Here you can observe pleasant banter, joking and laughter as many hands make light work of the task ahead. A boat ride with ...
  • Bilit Homestay Kinabatangan

    Bilit Homestay Kinabatangan is located along the lower Kinabatangan river. It is 130 Kilometer from Sandakan City and it takes three (3) hours driving. Bilit village’s location is between Sukau village (down stream) and Batu Putih village (up stream). It is in the Kinabatangan district. Bilit village’s occupants arrived in ...
  • Miso Walai Homestay Kinabatangan

    Miso Walai Homestay Batu Puteh is in the heart of the Lower Kinabatangan River Valley, on the East Coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It is 110 kilometer south of Sandakan Town, which is a large fully serviced provincial centre with a population over 340,000 people. Batu Puteh is reached from ...
  • Moido Waloi Homestay Abai

    Moido Waloi Homestay Abai lies closest to the mouth of the Kinabatangan River – a picturesque village of about forty houses and a grand population of a hundred people. Every home has a view of the river, with the exception of one which, because it sits on an elbow, has ...

Did You Know

World’s longest insect

The longest insect in the world is a Stick Insect from Sabah which is as long as a rolling pin from your kitchen