About 2 hours scenic drive from Kota Kinabalu, Tambunan enjoys a spring-like weather and is well-known for its bamboo produce. Bamboo trees can be seen growing in abundance alongside the road. Lucky visitors will have the opportunity to witness the world’s largest flower which blooms seasonally only for a week at the Rafflesia Information Centre. Other note-worthy attractions include the Mahua Waterfalls, Mat Salleh Stone Memorial, as well as the mysterious Batu Gong.

Selected Homestay in Tambunan

  • Tambunan Village Homestay

    Tambunan Village Homestay is located in Tambunan Town which is 81 kilometer from Kota Kinabalu. It has a scenic paddy field and bamboo groves, the result of colonial regulations that for every bamboo cut, twenty shoots must be planted. The majority of the people here are Kadazan Dusun. They are mainly ...

Did You Know

World’s longest insect

The longest insect in the world is a Stick Insect from Sabah which is as long as a rolling pin from your kitchen